ENOZE 9301E/301E Parts

Enoze 9301E/301E 1:18 2.4GHZ 4WD High Speed Remote Control Rock Crawler Rc Truck.

They are the same car, but in two versions,

Enoze 9301E is a brushed version, the maximum speed can reach 40km/h (you can upgrade to a brushless version by yourself, just need to replace the brushless ESC, brushless motor, brushless servo, receiver, no need to replace the remote controller)

Enoze 301E is a brushless version, equipped with 2440-4300KV brushless motor, running at a high speed of 90-95m/s, with a maximum speed of about 60KM/H. Provides you with endless exciting entertainment in both off-road and on -road environments.

At the same time, we also sell upgraded metal accessories for this car, and a larger capacity battery,

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