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Xinlehong brand is a large-scale RC manufacturer, 

selling product models such as: Xinlehong 9115/ Xinlehong X9115/ Xinlehong 9116/Xinlehong X9116/Xinlehong 9125/Xinlehong 9130/Xinlehong 9135/Xinlehong 9136/Xinlehong 9137/Xinlehong 9145/Xinqlehong Q901/Xinlehong Q902/ Xinlehong Q903

The ratio of remote control car is: 1/20, 1/16, 1/12, 1/10, etc.

The products launched by the brand have very high sales in the market, so the brand's cars have many customized versions,

We can supply all products of this brand, including: xinlehong rc car, xinlehong rc truck, xinlehong rc car parts, xinlehong rc upgrade parts

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