ENOZE 9203E/203E Parts

Enoze off road 9203E 203E 1/10 2.4g 4wd rc car.

The car is outstanding for its superior appearance, coupled with its performance, the sales volume in the market is very high,

Enoze 9203E and Enoze 203E they are the same car, but in two versions,

Enoze 9202E is a brushed version, the maximum speed can reach 40km/h (you can upgrade to a brushless version by yourself, just need to replace the brushless ESC, brushless motor, brushless servo+ receiver, no need to replace the remote controller)

Enoze 202E is a brushless version, equipped with 3650-3300KV brushless motor and 120A ESC, and the maximum speed can reach 70km/h. At the same time, the factory has introduced a 7.4V 25C 4000MAH lithium battery as an upgrade accessory for sale . With a 4000mah battery, the entire model can be The superior performance of the car is perfectly reflected.

The car adapts to all kinds of sand roads, rocks, grass, and performs very well.

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enoze 9203E 203E RC Truck

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