JLB Cheetah 21101 / JLB Cheetah 120A-21101 Parts

JLB Cheetah 21101 Speed/JLB Cheetah 120a-21101 Speed rc car.

they are the same car, they just have different configurations

One is 80a ESC, one is 120a ESC

Advanced version Equipped with 120a ESC, 3670-3200KV Motor, 11.1V 4000mAh large capacity battery,

.Superior metal chassis design with strength and wiredrawing processing metal second floor, the whole kit strength is enhanced greatly

.Tough Suspension arms, Beefy parts mean he can take plenty of abuse and punishment, giving you plenty of big-air thrills for driving,

At the same time, this car has a lot of upgraded metal accessories about it, and there are many colors, which can be upgraded and transformed by yourself.

Let RC enthusiasts enjoy a fun and exciting driving feeling,

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