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PXtoys brand is a professional RC manufacturer, the remote control cars produced are very popular in the market,

Sales product models such as: PXtoys 9300/ PXtoys 9301/PXtoys 9302/PXtoys 9303/PXtoys 9304/PXtoys 9200/PXtoys 9202/PXtoys 9203/PXtoys 9204

The ratio of the remote control car is: 1/18, 1/10, etc.

Because of the high sales of the brand's products,

Due to the high sales volume of branded products, there are many customized and custom versions of the same cars on the market, but with different brands.

We can supply all products of this brand including: pxtoys rc car, pxtoys rc truck, pxtoys rc parts, pxtoys upgrade parts, pxtoys rc brushless upgrade

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