SCY 18101 Parts

SCY 18101 brushed version: RC380 high speed carbon brush strong magnetic motor, 25A 2S integrated anti-splash circuit board; Five-line 17G steering gear, 1500mah battery, top speed up to 40KM/H

SCY 18101 pro brushless version: 2440 Brushless motor, Integrated brushless motor, three-wire 17G digital steering gear, 18650 7.4V 1500mAh battery

The metal underbody strengthening plate and the chassis aluminum alloy plate armor can withstand the various impacts of the car when climbing, and the transmission system is fully wrapped without fear of sand and stone entering the driving more smoothly.

Equipped with LED headlights; (Three gear mode: steady on, slow blinking, fast blinking);

Simulation big foot tire, strong grip; Can adapt to all kinds of venues.

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